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When you move heaven and earth to get what you want, be prepared for all hell to break loose.

Val Timmons lost one knight in shining armor and thought she’d found another. But after she married Kurt, she found that she’d landed a rusty tin man instead. She’d given up all hopes of ever finding happily ever after, especially when he kept postponing her dream of having a child. When his pregnant mistress showed up at the door, Val soon learned that Kurt was set to have the family she’d always wanted—just not with her.

Making things more complicated, Val found a way—without her husband’s cooperation—to conceive the baby she felt she deserved. All that took place while Kurt was buying himself time to right his own wrongs before they came to light and caused him to lose his wife altogether. Pointing the finger at his mistakes is not a luxury Val can afford. She also has something to hide, and they will both learn one valuable lesson: there’s no right way to do a wrong thing.

About Janice Pernell

Janice Pernell was a sought-after developmental, content and line editor before she began writing. She edited for several National Bestselling Authors and Independently-published authors. Some of her editing projects sold to traditional publishers such as Brown Girls Publishing/Brown Girls Books and Harlequin/Kimani Press. Five of her edited works hit the Top 10 in AALBC’s 2014 National Bestseller List.

A proud member of NK Promo Partners, a spin-off of the former M-LAS (Macro Literary All-Stars), she made her writing debut as a co-contributor to Baring It All: The Ins and Outs of Publishing, which the group released in 2014. No Right Way to do a Wrong Thing is her first work of fiction.

Janice is a sponsor of the 2018 Cavalcade of Authors. She is employed as a legal secretary in downtown Chicago and is an active member of her church (working in the children’s ministry). She is currently working on two Christian inspirational books.


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